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Join the Revolution in instant coffee

Consumers are continuing to trade up in search of better quality and value for money experiences which are ultimately more rewarding. 69% of caterers agreed that customers are prepared to pay more for a better tasting coffee*

Whole Bean Whole Taste

Leading the revolution in convenient coffee, Kenco Millicano is the first Whole bean Instant from Kenco. It contains a blend of instant coffee and 15% finely milled coffee beans for a smooth, full bodied taste and rich aroma reminiscent of roast and ground coffee.

It therefore delivers the quality cues suggestive of a bean to cup offering with the operational efficiency and reliability of an instant solution.

Great tasting drinks made easy….in one stylish bundle

The product is available in a 300g vending bag, and is supported by branded cups and Point of Sale material. This means you can now provide a proper coffee experience at a fraction of the cost of a traditional bean to cup solution.

Kenco Millicano is excellent for: Premium workplace, Mid-range hospitality and Leisure locations. Suitable for tabletop and freestanding machines.